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ephesians 2:8

by this point, i have been to countless infosessions and at almost every single one, I kid you not, someone from the angsty to get #recruiterpoints asks this question in some varied form:

"so, can you tell me.. how does *insert company name* impact society? and/or contribute social good?”

and I swear, every company answers the question quite similarly..

"that’s a great question! well, our company is all about social good! we’re involved with this charity, this initiative, that cause. last year we even donated THISSSS much to _____!! we strongly believe in impacting the lives of people everywhere and working here really makes you feel good about yourself and it helps you sleep better at night knowing that you made a difference.

I think I get really angry almost every time someone mentions “feeling good about yourself.” where is the logic in that? so.. you help others.. so you can make yourself feel good? .. okay, in what world does that even make sense

don’t get me wrong. helping people is great. corporations taking huge initiatives and massive sums of money to impact the lives of the less fortunate is such a blessing. (although, it’s probably half a marketing stunt. wait what? did I say that?) we need these corporations (not the most politically correct statement, but work with me here.) to help impact people, domestically and internationally. I think people have an inherent longing to help others and to make an impact. but it hurts me to see that people try to appease those longings by offering something that merely scratches the surface of actually making a meaningful impact on someone’s life. 

what I love about the gospel is that it teaches us to persevere to love and to serve even when it doesn’t necessarily make us feel good about ourselves. often times, I share the gospel and no response is even elicited. often times, I share the gospel and the response is very hateful and aggressive. heck, I have lost friends by trying to share the gospel.

I don’t know how to pull off some grand social benefit stunt nor do I even hold the capacity to donate large sums of $$$$$$, but my heart is full and comforted in knowing that there is nothing more precious, nothing more meaningful, nothing sweeter than offering the gospel of Jesus Christ. the gospel IS the good news. so share it because I don’t know about you, but THAT helps me sleep better at night.


which I am about to do in .5 seconds. goodnight.


Joshua 1:9—
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

Even in times or seasons we feel like we are “waiting on God”, He is still at all times with us, among us, and for us.